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For this example we are going to:

  • Create a .Net Core Console Application (.NET Core can run on platforms other than Windows, like Linux!)
  • Use the ODP.NET Managed Data Access for .NET core and connect to an oracle database to get some data and display it in the console.

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March 4, 2018 by David Shifflet -

So I had created a Planning Poker game for Sprint Story estimation in the past. It's available here.

The problem was that Peer.JS uses WebRTC and in the absence of a decent TURN server (which I don't have) doesn't work well with NAT and people behind firewalls.

Solution: Use websockets.

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April 14, 2018 by David Shifflet -

So NHibernate has been released with .NET Core support! NHibernate Announcement

Which means in theory we can use that as an ORM and combined with the .NET Core support from Oracle.ManagedDataAccess we can use it with Oracle Databases!

So in this example, we will use the previous Linq2Db examples and move those over to NHibernate! We will still maintain the Sqlite tests we had before.

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March 26, 2018 by David Shifflet -


  • Create Entity Relationship Diagrams (Database Diagrams) easily with text!
Demo GitHub


  • Unlock the Power of SQL as a Developer. Save time write better code!
  • Run SQL, get the data in a grid
  • Export the grid to
    • CSV
    • JSON
    • XML as a Serialized DataTable (so you can go off and use the serialized datatable somewhere else, without the DB)
    • Create Inserts for SqlLite.
    • Generate common C# code. Model, NH Mapping, ADO Materalizer (Hydrator)

Sprint Planning Poker

Estimates your stories with Sprint Planning Poker

GitHub Demo

JavaScript Gauges

Create Gauges and Animate them via Javascript using the Canvas

GitHub Demo

Razor Template Example

Stop using string replace with tokens. Use Razor Templates. This will show you how!


Temporary File Logger

Log Temporary Files somewhere else via POST and give them a Time To Live (TTL)

  • Service that allows you to POST files with a TTL. After a certain time the files go away.
  • Basic restful search
  • Basic UI
  • Client Code