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Keep on Top of Things with Post Its

I have noticed that a lot of people I work with they let things fall through the cracks. A person can't do everything and we all depend on other's to do their jobs. And other's depend on you to do your job.

If you tell someone you will do something... DO IT.

On a typical call I hear someone say they are going to do something. They swear up and down they are going to do it. AND THEN THEY DON'T DO IT. OR THEY DO IT LATE.

That makes me sad. Cause that one thing that wasn't done, might have been required by 5 other people to spin off and do their things.

There is a very easy solution to this!


When you are on a call have some Post Its nearby. When you promise to do something write it on the post it. Take the post it and put it in a place you can see it! The side of your desk works well. To the right of the mouse pad works WELL. Write a date when it's due or when you think it is due. This is super important.

So I offered this obvious solution to some people and here is what I heard.

  • "It's too much work!" WRITING DOWN WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO IS TOO MUCH WORK? IF YOU WON'T DO WHAT YOU SAY, I HAVE TO CALL AND SAY "I IMAGINE YOU DIDN'T GET AROUND TO...", WE GOT FINGER POINTING AND THAT IS EASIER? Seriously I am writing down what you promised to do on post it notes or note pads over on my side just to track and make sure you do what you promised. ;)
  • "I will use my phone!" ARE YOU GOING TO WRITE IT DOWN AND PUT IT IN YOUR PHONE? HOW OFTEN DO YOU CHECK THIS PHONE? Post Its on a desk are there, you don't have to worry about checking them YOU ARE GOING TO SEE THEM, even if you don't want to. Post Its don't run out of batteries and typically aren't stolen. Post Its don't require phones.
  • "Writing them down is pointless. I can remember these things." Uh, No you can't or I wouldn't have to call and remind you about them.

Why the due dates on the post it notes? Because business for some reason in the 21st Century thinks every single item is ULTRA HIGH PRIORITY! What to work on? Work on what is due NOW. FIFO (First In First Out).

Write the things down. Give yourself a day or two for a dead line on each one and spend an hour every day working the post its. Nothing will fall through the cracks, people will see you as being dependable and amazing.


You will be following through like a champ and delivering everything you promised.

If only they knew it was all because of small pieces of paper with some adhesive attached.

Post Its. An amazing PRODUCTIVITY invention. Click here to buy some!